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About Urdang International Dance and Musical Theatre Competition

Urdang International Dance and Musical Theatre Competition celebrates the incredible artistry, versatility and talent of dancers throughout the world. 

Launched by Urdang Academy, a world-leading conservatoire for exceptional vocational training in dance and musical theatre, the competition shines a light on a wide range of dance forms and creates an opportunity for dancers to be recognised on a global stage.  

Our competition spans many countries, you can find out more about where the competition is taking place here.

Get in touch if you would like to suggest a new location for a competition heat, simply email info@theurdang.international


How the Competition works

There are three main stages of the Urdang International Dance and Musical Theatre Competition: 

Stage One – Regional Heats

Dancers throughout the world will be invited to submit their entry to the regional heats or online.


Stage Two – Semi Finals  

Leading industry professionals from the Urdang Academy will review all the entries and choose a shortlist of the best in each age group to go through to the Semi Finals.


Stage Three –  Grand Final

Winners from our Semi Finals will go through to the Grand Final.  Our Guest judge (to be announced) will be invited to decide on first, second, and third place in each age category. 




Semi Finalists

All Semi finalists will be awarded a Finalist’s Certificate 


Grand Final Winners

For each age group the 3rd place winners will be awarded a medal.

For each age group the 2nd place winners will be awarded a medal.

For each age group the 1st place winner will be awarded a medal and the following fantastic prize: 

The winner of each category will get a one-to-one Dance Masterclass with a leading industry professional. This incredible prize will give the winner the chance to benefit from personalised teaching, a professional standard coaching session and get top-tips and insights from an iconic mentor.

Competition Categories



The Urdang International Dance and Musical Theatre Competition is open to all dance genres including:

  • Slow styles – lyrical/slow jazz, contemporary and ballet
  • Upbeat styles – jazz, commercial/street dance, hip-hop, tap or a fusion of styles
  • New for 2021! We will be introducing a Singing Category (Singing/Musical Theatre categories)

Group Sizes


For 2021, entries are invited from the following group sizes:

  • Solo  – 1 min 30 secs
  • Duet – 1 min 30 secs
  • Groups (3 – 5 people) – 2 min 30 secs

Age Groups


  • Junior – 5 to 8 years
  • Middle – 8 to 12 years
  • Intermediate – 13 to 15 years
  • Senior – 16+ years

Glossary of Dance Genres

Slow Dance Genres

Lyrical/Slow Jazz – Lyrical/Slow Jazz dance is movement that is innovative, stylised free and abstract. A fusion of jazz, ballet and lyrical movement styles captured in a slow and emotive piece of work. The technique is strong and features defined slow movements throughout the routine with a lyrical and emotive performance.

Contemporary –  Contemporary Dance may include contemporary, modern and balletic techniques such as Graham, Limon or Horton. This style of dance is often more abstract and innovative, often with meaning through the movement rather than facial expression. Creative freedom is encouraged with an “Independence between dance and music” where dance is to be danced, not analysed.

Ballet – Ballet is a precise dance genre which combines technical expertise with storytelling through characterisation, emotive movement and performance. It can be performed to classical or contemporary music. The technique must be secure and balletic to ensure the movement does not cross over into a lyrical style dance.



Upbeat Dance Genres 

Jazz Dance – There are many styles of jazz dance but for this competition we define it as using strong defined movement to more upbeat tempo’s. A range of music can be used from contemporary to theatre/musical theatre. The movements are technical, dynamic and are performed with vivacity.

Fusion – Fusion is a mix of any upbeat styles detailed. This section is mainly for a routine that does not sit in the other categories or merges two or more technical or upbeat styles. A range of music can be used, again in two or more styles.

Commercial/Street Dance – Commercial/Street Dance is a movement to new, upbeat contemporary music. Costume, attitude and performance has a modern feel and is less technical than other upbeat styles. This style often combines movement used in nightclubs, music videos and contemporary artists’ concerts. Sometimes elements of street dance and hip-hop movement are woven into the style.

Hip-Hop – Hip-Hop is danced to stylised rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech or chanting.  Strong beats and heavy base usually accompany this style of dance. The style often represents urban culture, themes and storytelling through power moves, dynamic strong movements.

Tap –  Tap includes rhythm (jazz) tap, classical tap, Broadway tap, and post-modern tap. For this competition, tap focuses on the sound, formations and rhythms performed by the dancer in tap shoes.  Soft shoe is not recognised in this category. Tap can be danced acapella as the dancer creates the music with their shoes.

The Small Print


  • Submissions must be no longer than 1:30 in length or no longer than 2:30 for small groups.
  • Participants may be asked to show proof of age.
  • If a participant’s age changes before the shortlist or final announcement, they are able to enter in the original age category but may be asked to provide proof of age.
  • Judges/adjudicators disclaimer – the decision of the judges/adjudicators is final. No appeal can be made to the judges/adjudicators final decisions. Participants are asked to kindly remember that decisions can be made on personal preference, especially where marks are very close.
  • No places will be tied every effort is made to ensure that the decisions are fair and correct and are representative of an accumulation of the performance quality, technique, accuracy and impact of the routine made on the judges/adjudicators on the day. Urdang International Dance and Musical Theatre Competition pride ourselves on the professionalism, experience and quality of the judges/ adjudicators that will attend each heat.

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